Rattan Institute of Technology & Management


We provides safe and convenient transportation with a fleet of well-maintained buses, ensuring students and staff can travel to and from campus easily.

Navigating with Ease

Reliable Transport Network Enhancing Safety and Convenience for All

Recognizing the importance of safe and convenient transportation, RITM offers a stellar conveyance facility for students, faculty, and administrative staff. Our fleet of well-maintained buses traverses extensive routes across Delhi, Faridabad, Palwal, and beyond, ensuring accessibility for all. Equipped with modern safety features and driven by experienced professionals, our transport system prioritizes safety and punctuality. With designated pick-up and drop-off points and a regular schedule, commuting to and from campus has never been easier.


  • Free transportation for girl Students
  • Bus facility may be provided on new routes if required


RITM understands the importance of safe, reliable, and convenient transportation for its students, faculty, and administrative staff. To ensure the safety, comfort, and time management of everyone on campus, RITM provides an excellent conveyance facility.

The institute provides transport facilities to students from their residences to the campus and back. The transport fleet consists of comfortable and well-maintained buses that ply almost all zones of Delhi, Faridabad, Palwal, Hodal, Mewat, Hassanpur, Mohna, Kossi, and Ballabgarh. This extensive network of buses ensures that students and staff from all parts of the region can reach the campus with ease and convenience.

The buses are equipped with modern safety features, including seat belts and speed governors, to ensure the safety of everyone on board. The drivers are experienced and trained to maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism while driving the buses.

The transport system at RITM is well-organized, with designated pick-up and drop-off points, ensuring that students and staff can reach their destinations on time. The buses operate on a regular schedule, making it easy for everyone to plan their commute.