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Welcome to Rattan Institute of Technology and Management (RITM), where education meets innovation. Embrace a journey of excellence as we strive to eliminate illiteracy, empower the youth, and shape world-class professionals since 2008.
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Discover a transformative educational experience at Rattan Institute of Technology and Management (RITM). Since 2008, we’ve been dedicated to eliminating illiteracy, empowering the youth, and shaping world-class professionals. Aligned with the visionary words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, we believe in the power of qualified youth to elevate a nation. Explore more about our mission, unique approach, and campus facilities. Ready to embark on your educational journey? Click below to delve into the full details.

Visionary Education Approach

RITM was established in 2008 with a visionary mission to eliminate illiteracy and make the youth technically sound. The institution focuses on providing multidimensional technical and management education with an affordable fee structure, aiming to elevate the status of technical education.

Industry-Academia Integration

RITM distinguishes itself by fostering strong industry-academic ties. The faculty, with rich industry experience, along with corporate linkages and visiting faculty from esteemed organizations, ensures that students receive practical insights and exposure to real-world scenarios, preparing them for professional success.

Best Campus Facilities

Situated on a sprawling 17.5-acre campus in Saveli, Palwal, RITM offers a vibrant and conducive learning environment. Equipped with 24x7 Wi-Fi, high-speed broadband, modern amenities, and separate, air-cooled hostels for boys and girls, the campus is designed to enhance the overall educational experience for students.

Modern Amenities

RITM offers contemporary facilities including well-equipped classrooms, advanced laboratories, and spacious lecture halls, ensuring an optimal learning environment.

Campus Facilities

From a fully stocked library to sports facilities and hostel accommodations, our campus provides diverse amenities catering to all student needs, fostering holistic development and growth.

The Rattan Institute of Technology & Management story through data

Embark on the journey of RITM through a compelling narrative woven with data. Established in 2008, this educational institution has evolved dynamically over the years. From the inception of Rattan Convent School in 2002 to the establishment of Rattan Spirits in 2020 and Rattan Styrenics Pvt. Ltd. in 2022, the data reflects a progressive trajectory. With a sprawling 17.5-acre campus, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and strategic partnerships for placements, RITM’s story through data encapsulates a legacy of educational excellence and continuous growth.

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Elevate Your Future: The Unique Advantages of RITM Education

Embarking on your educational journey at The Rattan Institute of Technology & Management (RITM) goes beyond classrooms—it’s a passport to a transformative experience. Here, benefits abound, offering a holistic approach to learning. With a faculty boasting industry expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and a curriculum designed to foster both technical prowess and holistic development, RITM stands out. The institution’s commitment to affordable education, robust industry integration, and a lush 17.5-acre campus creates an environment where students thrive intellectually and socially. Join RITM for an education that not only shapes careers but also nurtures well-rounded individuals ready to conquer the challenges of the future.

Courses Offered By Rattan Institute of Technology & Management

Explore a dynamic range of programs, including BTech, MTech, and Diploma in Engineering, designed to equip students with cutting-edge skills for a successful career in technology.

Bachelor of Technology ( B.Tech )

Unleash your engineering potential with our BTech program, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of core technical disciplines.

Master of Technology ( M.Tech )

Elevate your expertise with our MTech program, offering advanced knowledge and specialization in various engineering domains.

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Prepare for success with MCA at Rattan Institute, where innovation meets excellence.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Navigate the world of computing with our comprehensive BCA program.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Develop a strong foundation in business management through our BBA program.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Hone your leadership skills and business acumen with our MBA program.

Empowering Futures

RITM's Cutting-Edge Approach to Placements

Rattan Institute of Technology and Management (RITM) offers a dynamic and professionally focused learning environment where education seamlessly transitions into career success. The Placement Cell, equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, plays a pivotal role in orchestrating pre-placement discussions, written tests, group discussions, interviews, and various activities. Bridging the gap between industry and academia is a constant pursuit, and the Placement Cell stands as a guiding force. Through mentoring, coaching, and motivation, it empowers students with essential guidelines to make informed choices about their career paths. RITM doesn’t just provide education; it nurtures future professionals, ensuring a seamless transition from learning to thriving in the professional realm.

why choose Rattan Institute of Technology & Management?

Choose Rattan Group of Institutions for an unparalleled educational journey, where academic excellence meets holistic development, setting the foundation for a successful and enriching future.

Great Education

At RITM, we're serious about giving you top-notch education. Our teachers are experts in their fields, making sure you learn more than just what's in the books. We focus on not just technical stuff but also on making you a well-rounded person.

Learning from Real Life

We're all about connecting what you learn with the real world. We have strong ties with industries, and we bring in professionals to teach you. So, when you step out, you're ready for the real challenges out there.

Amazing Campus

Our campus is big and modern. It's got everything you need for studying and chilling out. Plus, our hostels are comfy and safe, so you can focus on your studies without any worries.

Affordable Fees

We believe education shouldn't break the bank. We offer various scholarships to help out students from all backgrounds. Our aim is to make sure everyone can get a quality education, no matter their financial situation.

All-Round Development

It's not just about studies here. We also encourage you to explore your talents in sports, culture, and other activities. RITM isn't just a place to study; it's a place to grow as a person.

Good Job Opportunities

We work hard to help you kick-start your career. Our placement cell does a lot to prepare you for the job market, and our track record of placing students in good jobs speaks for itself.

Approvals & Affiliations

Recognized approvals and affiliations ensuring quality education and industry relevance.

Infrastructure and Campus Facilities at Rattan Institute of Technology & Management

Experience the epitome of academic infrastructure and campus facilities at Rattan Institute of Technology & Management (RITM). Our sprawling 17.5-acre campus, overlooking National Highway No.-2, is a haven of modernity and innovation. Boasting 24×7 Wi-Fi connectivity, high-speed broadband, air-cooled hostels, and an ultra-modern cafeteria, RITM ensures an environment conducive to academic excellence and holistic development. From well-equipped laboratories and classrooms to recreational spaces, every corner reflects our commitment to providing students with the best resources for their educational journey. Join us at RITM, where infrastructure and facilities elevate learning to unparalleled heights.

Life at Rattan Institute of Technology & Management

Life at Rattan Institute of Technology & Management (RITM) is a vibrant tapestry of learning, growth, and camaraderie. Nestled within the lush greenery of a 17.5-acre campus, RITM offers more than just education; it provides an immersive experience where students forge lasting connections, engage in diverse activities, and discover their full potential. From state-of-the-art facilities to a thriving academic community, life at RITM is a harmonious blend of academics and extracurriculars, preparing students for a future of limitless possibilities.

Ready to Redefine Your Academic Journey? Ask Yourself: Is Rattan Your Next Chapter?

Ready to embark on a transformative academic journey? Challenge your limits and ponder: Could RITM be the catalyst for your educational aspirations? Discover a dynamic learning environment, vibrant opportunities, and a community that thrives on excellence. Your future awaits – Is RITM the key to unlocking your potential? Explore, envision, and enroll for a future of excellence!


Frequently Ask Questions.

Curious about life at Rattan Group? Explore our top FAQs, unraveling the essence of our commitment to excellence, placement support, industrial exposure, and unique student development approach. Your journey begins with answers to the questions that matter most to you. Join us as we navigate the key aspects of what makes Rattan Group an exceptional choice for your academic adventure.

The admission process typically involves submitting relevant documents, including academic transcripts and entrance test scores, attending counseling sessions, and fulfilling eligibility criteria. Detailed information is available on the official website or through the admission office.

Yes, RITM offers various scholarship programs, including Post Metric Scholarship, Ministry of Minority Affairs Scholarship, Pragati Scholarship, and more. Students can explore these opportunities to ease their financial burden and make education more accessible.

The Placement Cell at RITM actively collaborates with industry partners to arrange pre-placement discussions, written tests, group discussions, interviews, and other activities. The institution's commitment to bridging the gap between industry and academia is reflected in its exceptional placement records.

RITM boasts a sprawling 17.5-acre campus with modern amenities, including 24x7 Wi-Fi, high-speed broadband, air-cooled hostels, and an ultra-modern cafeteria. The institution provides a vibrant campus life with a focus on both academic and extracurricular activities, creating a holistic learning enviornment.