Rattan Institute of Technology & Management

Courses Offered By Rattan Group

Discover a spectrum of empowering educational pathways at Rattan Group, shaping your future with diverse courses spanning technology, management, and education.

Courses Offered By Rattan Institute of Technology & Management

Explore a dynamic range of courses, including B.Tech, M.Tech, and Diploma in Engineering, designed to equip students with cutting-edge skills for a successful career in technology.

Bachelor of Technology ( B.Tech )

Unleash your engineering potential with our BTech program, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of core technical disciplines.

Master of Technology ( M.Tech )

Elevate your expertise with our MTech program, offering advanced knowledge and specialization in various engineering domains.

Diploma in Engineering

Dive into hands-on learning with our Diploma programs, crafted to equip students with practical skills for a dynamic career in technology.

Bachelor of Business Administration
( BBA )

Develop a strong foundation in business management through our BBA program.

Master of Business Administration
( MBA )

Hone your leadership skills and business acumen with our MBA program.

Bachelor of Computer Applications
( BCA )

Navigate the world of computing with our comprehensive BCA program.

Master of Computer Application
( MCA )

Prepare for success with MCA at Rattan Institute, where innovation meets excellence.

Courses Offered By Rattan Singh Girls College of Education

Shape the future of education through our offerings like B.Ed and M.Ed, empowering aspiring educators with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in the field.

Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed )

Shape the future as an educator with our B.Ed program.

Master of Education ( M.Ed )

Advance your teaching career and expertise with our M.Ed program.

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