Rattan Institute of Technology & Management

Ragging Free Campus

At Rattan Institute, we guarantee an anti-ragging campus. Our strict policies, led by an experienced Anti-Ragging Cell, prioritize student safety and dignity, fostering an environment of respect and zero tolerance for harassment.

The University Grants Commission has established a toll-free helpline to address the issue of ragging, which affects many academic institutions in India. Victims of ragging can call the helpline at +91- 8053472199 or email helpline@antiragging.net for assistance, and appropriate authorities, such as the head of the educational institution, district collector, or police, will take immediate action. Ragging of freshers by senior students is prevalent in many institutions and takes various forms, such as physical violence, sexual abuse, humiliation, and pressurizing juniors to do term papers. Despite previous measures taken by the authorities, the problem persists, with deaths resulting from ragging still being reported. Any individuals who have been subjected to or noticed any such malpractices can report them immediately to the Head of the Institution, RITM, or the college’s Anti-Ragging Cell. The culprits, when found guilty, may be penalized with a restriction for four sessions or a fine of up to 2.4 Lacs. The government has issued an ordinance providing punishment for students involved in ragging, including imprisonment, monetary fines, expulsion from the institute, a ban on admission to other institutes, and a ban on any employment. The Anti-Ragging Guidelines issued by UGC define ragging broadly, including all activities that constitute ragging. These regulations apply to all educational institutions, including those in the government and public sectors, as well as transport facilities.

Zero-Tolerance: An Anti-Ragging Free Campus at Rattan Institure

Ragging has devastated numerous innocent lives and careers and is now recognized as an act that infringes on an individual student’s dignity. The campus has a complete ban on ragging, and anyone found guilty of ragging or aiding in ragging is subject to punishment as it is a criminal offense. At RITM, we enforce strict compliance with the prevention of ragging in all forms. There is an anti-ragging cell in our college which is headed by Director/Proctor and works adequately in cooperation with well-experienced members.